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Remote Starters

& Security Systems

Louisville’s best source for remote starters and security systems

Xtreme Autosound offers remote start and security systems for most vehicles.  XAS has partnered with Compustar to offer a complete line of remote start and alarm options.  Want to start your vehicle with your phone?  We can do that.  Would you like GPS tracking built into your remote start?  We can do that too.

All remote start systems include lifetime warranties on parts and labor.

Protect Your Investment

Want to protect your investment or have the convenience of starting your car from your smartphone? Not sure what’s available for your car?  The professionals at Xtreme Autosound can answer any questions you may have. Give us a call at 502-493-0011.

T13 remote
4 button remote

What is a remote start bypass module?

Will your car need a remote start bypass module?  Starting in 1996 some vehicles began coming with anti-theft systems. This prevents the vehicle from starting unless the key is in the ignition.

While using a remote start on these vehicles you must make the ignition see the key even though it’s not in the car. This is done by using the correct bypass modules and is required on these vehicles.

See if your vehicle needs a bypass.

What to Expect With Your Remote Starter Installation

At Xtreme Autosound, we will ask multiple questions in regards to your vehicle, how you would like to start your vehicle, and from how far away will you be trying to start your vehicle.  Some people will need more range and/or the ability to start with their phone.  We have options for both.

Upon completion of your remote start, XAS will show you how your system will operate and answer any questions that you may have.


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