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Many of you were scraping this morning, some of you should have scraped more.

Drastically reduce your scraping by adding a remote start to your vehicle. Warm your vehicle and let that ice melt away without stepping outside.

Most vehicles can be done for $369. What are you waiting for?

Sony has extended their sale on the XAV-AX4000!!!
Regularly $599, now $499.
(Limited time only of course)

Looking for the perfect gift? Give someone the safety of hands-free driving with wireless Apple CarPlay and/or Android Auto!!

Hurry, this sale ends December 31st.

Still not sure what to get someone for Christmas?

A remote start is always an awesome idea!! Every time a remote start is installed, an Angel gets its wings. Bet you didn't know that?!?

Don't let the people you love deal with frost covered windows, cold seats and freezing steering wheels. A warm car is just a great gift that keeps on giving... the Angels appreciate it too.

Most cars can have a remote start for $369 plus tax, that price covers parts, labor and a lifetime warranty. Call 502-493-0011 and see how we can help you help others.